Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Facing Midnight Deadline, Senator Dilan Calls on Governor Paterson to Sign Legislation

Despite in-fighting and caustic outside influences, today Senator Martin Malavé Dilan (D-Brooklyn) and Senate colleagues were able to get back to work and pass crucial legislation that would have otherwise expired at midnight.

“This work needed to get done, these bills, at the very least needed the opportunity to come to the floor; that’s what we are elected to do,” said Senator Dilan.

The Senate came to a grinding halt more than three weeks ago after members in the Republican minority staged a failed coup. Senate in-fighting led to a stalemate in which Republicans refused to waive their unsuccessful claim to lead the Senate, despite the house being split 31 – 31.

Caught in the middle was $7.2 billion in revenue measures, relating to job creation, housing development, education funding and other measures. Senate Democrats offered a bi-partisan operating agreement on numerous occasions that would set aside leadership disputes, and get the Senate back to work.

Senate Republicans continually ignored these requests and subsequent public outcry.

“We took care of these local issues— which if left unattended, would have had detrimental consequences statewide—despite Republicans’ refusal to meet half-way and Governor Paterson’s meddling,” said Senator Dilan. “Now that we have passed this legislation in regular session, the Governor needs to step up and fulfill his duties, rather than stonewall ours.”

“The Assembly has done their part, we have now done ours. I would hope Governor Paterson takes this opportunity to put pen to paper and sign these bills into law before midnight,” Senator Dilan concluded.

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