Saturday, July 25, 2009

"Mayor-for-Life 'Papa Doc' B

The video above is a beautifully presented piece about the schools under Mayor Bloomberg who has now served nearly two terms. All his ads are expensive, polished productions, free of peeve.

Um, say -- is that school bus in the background at 23 seconds by any chance from Jofaz, which was entangled in that corruption scandal involving city school bus contractors? Just asking.

Either way, likely campaign challenger William C. Thompson Jr. today is going after the potentially creaky premise that Bloomberg (who denounced the idea of extending term limits for himself before doing exactly that) has worked academic miracles. Thompson accuses Schools Chancellor Joel Klein of fudging graduation numbers. Rates were a target four years ago of Bloomberg opponent Fernando Ferrer.

Wayne Barrett, who consistently zigs when others zag, this week concentrates elsewhere -- raising the question of how the billionaire mayor has managed to politically sidestep his administration's biggest scandal, involving the death of two firefighters at the former Deutsche Bank building, where huge and significant irregularities have been discovered in the inspection and handling of a post-9/11 demolition job involving sensitive toxic materials. The full story is here. An excerpt is below the 'continued' click.

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