Thursday, July 23, 2009

Pedro Espada Thinks a Daily News Reporter Is Out to Get Him
By Azi Paybarah

Here's Daily News reporter Barbara Ross, who wrote about Pedro Espada's unreported campaign activity today, trying to get some answers after a press conference at City Hall today.

Espada calls it "yellow journalism" and "disrespectful" and walks away.

He then chats with New York Post reporter Carl Campanile about mayoral control for a bit. Then he's approached again by Ross.

When she asked why he can't accurately report his campaign finance activity, Espada said, "You don't want me to get it right."

It gets worse.

"You've been assigned to me to write negative story after negative story after negative story. Right? And that's all you do," he said.

"You try to redefine me in the worst possible way. That is your job. Admit to that. Your job is to write bad stories about Pedro Espada every day of the week. That is your job, isn't it, Barbara Ross?"

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