Thursday, July 16, 2009

Bronx Democratic Party not turning its nose up at Pedro Espada

Bob Kappstatter

Tuesday, July 14th 2009, 4:00 AM

B. Martin for News

Senator Pedro Espada

There's an old saying on the Daily News rewrite desk that if it smells like manure (or a word close to it), don't call it ice cream.

We were reminded of that last week when straight-faced state Senate Democratic leaders spoke as if they were serving a double-scoop strawberry sundae praising Pedro Espada for selling back the 32-30 majority.

This after the Wascally Wabbit went on the stroll June 8 to sell his vote to the Republicans. His price for leaning back on the Dems' lamppost? Senate majority leader.

The manure has even dripped down to the Bronx Democratic Party, now apparently signaling it's open to dealing with him - especially with no strong challenger for his West Bronx seat around at the moment.

"It has nothing to do with him personally," a high-level party operative insisted. "Pedro is a member of the Bronx County organization, just like every other elected official."

He even praised Pedro for creating the potential for senate reform "where bills actually leave committee and it's just not 'three men in a room.' Pedro started a conversation that needed to be had."

We wonder if Pedro, an ex-boxer who seems to love the spotlight, might show up at the County Dinner Thursday at Marina del Rey.

Maybe the party can play the theme from "Rocky" as he enters. ...

New pork for Pedro?

Pedro's son and former City Councilman Pedro Gautier Espada noting on his Facebook page: "This is your chance to get involved in government. there are list and list [sic] of appointments to various important commissions throughout the state. If you might me [sic] interested please forward your résumés."

Where he hangs his hat

Graham Kates at the Bronx News Network blog suggests the residency-challenged Pedro change his designation to (D-BroMaroneck).

Rev's residency issue

The Rev. Fernando Cabrera needs to do some explainin' on his residency/voting record.

No sooner did we write he's been "thoroughly vetted" by Dem Boss Carl Heastie to take on Councilwoman Maria (No Show) Baez, then challenger Yudelka Tapia and readers keep raising new questions.

Like, how did he vote in the Republican primary in February 2008 in Pelham? Or why is his White Pages phone listing in Pelham?

Maybe a response in the column or on his Web site ( will clear the air.

Adolfo finally in the spotlight

Ex-BP Adolfo Carrión, now Obama's director of the office of urban affairs, in the spotlight Monday with an urban policy conference.

Since the Daily News broke the story about free work on his City Island home and a criminal investigation, the White House has muzzled him from responding.

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