Saturday, August 16, 2008


Homework By Parents Could Mean More Insured NY Kids

Public News Service - NY

August 15, 2008
New York, NY - More than 11,000 New York children with chronic health needs are heading into the new school year with no health insurance, but a new report by the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation says as many as 70 percent of them could qualify for S-Chip or Medicaid health care programs. Jennifer Sullivan, with Families USA, says it's critical these families receive care."These are children that have chronic conditions--ongoing need for medical care. It is most important that those programs reach these kids."Sullivan says if parents do just a little homework, they may find that their kids qualify for coverage under New York's "Child Health Plus."

Under this program, families making as much as $84,000 a year can have medical plans with co-pays as little as $40 per month.Nationwide, the study finds that 9 million children have no health insurance, according to Andy Hyman with the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation."Just as parents today are getting ready and buying pencils and books, we want them to look at their kids' health care and see if their children are insured.

And if they're not covered, as many as seven out of 10 are actually eligible."Many parents don't know the names of the programs and are sometimes just too embarrassed to ask, but most school nurses can help them figure out if their family qualifies for Child Health Plus or other programs.The Robert Wood Johnson Foundation report is available online at
Michael Clifford/Don Mathisen, Public News Service - NY

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