Sunday, August 3, 2008


It is doubtful that MTA bosses will be standing on the subway. Here is a list of their salaries:

What the big bosses make
The News found that for the MTA and its subagencies, the top tier execs pull in a total of $1.85 million - and some earn a "housing" allowance, even though they're in commuting distance. Here's a look at some of the top earners:

Elliot Sander,MTA executive director& CEOBase salary: $265,000Housing allowance: $60,000(He lives in Douglaston, Queens.) Deferred comp: $15,000Total: $340,000.

Howard Roberts,NYC Transit presidentBase salary: $248,000Housing allowance: $48,000(He owns a four-bedroom, four-fireplace home on 7 acres in rural Pennsylvania and rents an apartment in Manhattan.)Deferred comp: $15,000Total: $311,000

Peter Cannito,Metro-North presidentBase salary: $215,000Housing allowance: $42,000(Lives in Armonk, Westchester, 15 minutes from the North White Plains station of Metro-North's Harlem line.)Total: $272,000

Helena Williams,LIRR presidentBase salary: $215,000Housing allowance: $42,000(She lives in Garden City, L.I., which has its own LIRR station nearby.)Total: $272,000

Mysore Nagaraja,MTA Capital Construction presidentBase salary: $200,000Housing allowance: $42,000(Lives in Hillsdale, N.J., which has NJ Transit service)Deferred comp: $15,000Total: $257,000

Thomas Savage,MTA Bus Company presidentBase salary: $200,000Housing allowance: noneDeferred comp: $15,000Total: $215,000

Neil Yellin,L.I. Bus presidentBase salary: $163,000Housing allowance: noneTotal: $178,000
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