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Here is another version of the Palin's Baby story:

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The nation has been abuzz today with talk of Sarah Palin, John McCain's surprise vice-presidential pick. Rest assured, that the internet is always five steps ahead, and on to the next story. So today, the story has been the occasionally touched upon controversy regarding Trig Palin, her youngest child. Apparently, there has been suspicion, some reported on in Alaska before the Vice Presidential buzz, that the child actually belongs to her daughter, Bristol Palin.

Normally this would be a personal issue, but this becomes a public matter because of Sarah Palin's stance against abortion and birth control. The story seems ludicrious, and surely the GOP workers that vetted her would have stopped McCain from choosing her if anything like this were true. Even if it is entirely false and ludicrous, people are talking about it, and are quite interested in it. I've seen it discussed on quite a few both liberal and conservative forums on the internet. It is absurd to believe Barack Obama is a Muslim, but that hasn't stopped people.

I was hoping you at CNN could put to rest or shed some light on these stories. The believers have a few scattered points:

1. Bristol Palin left school for an extended period of time, due to mononucleosis according to her family for the last 4-5 months of Trig's pregnancy. Some classmates claimed later that they had seen Bristol Palin pregnant.

2. Sarah Palin did not reveal to anyone outside her family that she was pregnant until 8 months into her pregnancy. Even then, she showed no signs of pregnancy. Alaskan news outlets commented on this, but did not go further. There are pictures of her at Super Tuesday (just a month before the baby was born). She is notably a very trim woman, so it would likely be difficult to hide a pregnancy.

3. There are supposed photos showing Bristol Palin having gained weight, possibly significantly so in the abdomen. I haven't been able to verify these.

4. Sarah Palin went into labor in Dallas just before she was due to deliver a keynote address at the Republican Governors' Energy Conference, and flew to Seattle, then Alaska while still in labor. Supposedly, she was in labor during the 8 hour flight, and the crew and attendants did not know. (Quote from the Article Above): ""Governor Palin was extremely pleasant to flight attendants and her stage of pregnancy was not apparent by observation as she didn't show any signs of distress," Boren said." This is extremely risky behavior, and you are advised by doctors, traditionally, not to fly once you are past 7 months pregnant. If airlines are made aware, sometimes they will prevent you from flying. Sarah Palin did not inform the flight.

5. Sarah has had four children before, and a prolonged labor that lasted a flight from Dallas to Alaska is extremely unlikely, as labor times usually decrease with the number of births.

6. There is also some rumor of an interview with a co-worker of Todd Palin at the oil fields in Prudhoe Bay (North Slope, where Todd Palin worked for BP), though I haven't been able to verify this. The co-worker claims Todd told him of the situation, supposedly.

7. Likewise, there were at the time a few classmates of Bristol's that claimed they had seen her pregnant.

8. Sarah Palin appeared 4 months before the baby's birth in Vogue magazine, and was "trim and lithe." (Searching for photos.) Now, the counterpoints are that: -Of course, this is all very far-fetched. Republicans would have vetted her and this would have never slipped past them -She may not have been showing the pregnancy, despite her trim and slim frame, because of the low birthweight of infants with Downs Syndrome. -Mothers at 44 (as Sarah Palin is), have an extremely high rate of Downs Syndrome in their children.

However, this does not exclude Bristol Palin, as very young mothers also have an increased risk of Downs Syndrome in their children. The attached photo is Sarah Palin at Super Tuesday (2-05-08), credit to Brian Wallace of the Juneau Empire. I had another photo of Palin at the Dallas RGEC, but I cannot seem to locate it.

I was hoping you could just clear this matter up. It might make interesting filler, to have a story on what the internet has been talking about!

Paul Tosone Atlanta, GA -A picture of Governor Palin at home with her family that was printed in the Anchorage Daily News, taken six weeks before Trig's birth on March 9th. -This is a picture from the Alaskan Governor's website. It is only dated "2007." Some say that Bristol here appears to have perhaps a baby bump. -Daily Kos discussion on the issue:
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