Thursday, April 10, 2008


NYC Bulks Up Random Drug Testing of Police to Include Steroids
Apr 09, 2008 17:14 EST
The New York Police Department will soon begin randomly testing its 36,000 officers for steroid abuse in light of allegations that a criminal ring was supplying the drug to pumped-up officers.

Police officials insisted Wednesday that the decision to test for anabolic steroids — first reported in The New York Post — doesn't reflect a concern about widespread abuse at the nation's largest police department.
Instead, they said they wanted to drive home the point that using steroids without a prescription is illegal.

Since the NYPD already tests for narcotics, it "only makes sense to include steroids," Police Commissioner Raymond Kelly said in a statement.
The department plans to begin the urine testing, expected to cost about $1 million a year, in July. Currently, officers are selected at random and tested for heroin, cocaine, marijuana and other illegal drugs using hair samples.

Union officials declined to comment on the plan.
The department began re-examining its drug testing policy last year after several police officers were linked to the investigation of a Brooklyn pharmacy suspected of peddling millions of dollars of steroids and human growth hormone.

Records seized from the business indicated that its clientele included several NYPD officers who worked out at the same gym — a revelation that prompted an internal probe.
Of the 19 officers tested for steroids, six were positive; all were either suspended or given desk duty.

Last week, the NYPD issued a lengthy memo reminding officers that anabolic steroids are a controlled substance that can cause "aggressive, anti-social or inappropriate behavior," and that bodybuilding "is not a legitimate medical use."


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