Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Nobody in the City's Government Knew Schlein Was A Crook?
The Times’s Michael Powell needles Bronx Democratic power broker Stanley Schlein and the city for allowing him to develop a small parcel of land in the Bronx.  This tale could soon end, as the city plans to break ground on a mixed-income residential and commercial development on this site. Douglaston Partners, a large developer, will handle the construction and marketing of what will be known as Crossroads Plaza. 

Nobody Knew. . .  Bull Shit
And Mr. Schlein and his friends, who are listed as partners of Douglaston, stand to make a nice little bundle, all for placing dibs 17 years ago on a vacant city-owned lot. Neither Mr. Schlein nor his partners returned phone calls requesting interviews. Douglaston also declined to comment. Asked recently about Mr. Schlein’s missteps, Catie Marshall, the spokeswoman for the Department of Housing Preservation and Development, said city housing officials learned of Mr. Schlein’s checkered background in August when they conducted a “sponsor review.” A few weeks ago, she said, they told him to withdraw from the project. What remains unclear is why city officials were so solicitous of Mr. Schlein’s struggles with this lot, and remain so unaware of his later troubles.* Bronx Lawyer Is a Power Behind Several Thrones(NYT)

The Gonzalez Schlein Cover Up
The City's Knew Schlein Was Involved With the Ballot Fixing At the Board in 2010 . . .  He Appointed the Commissioner Who Was Forced to Resign
In October, 2010, the Board of Elections booted executive director George Gonzalez after revelations that he had incorrectly placed Wills on the Republican ballot line beneath GOP gubernatorial candidate Carl Paladino, rather than beneath Democrat Andrew Cuomo, among other mistakes. The error would likely have cost Wills votes in the heavily Democratic district, but ballots were eventually fixed. A number of people close to the situation suspected the ballot placement was politically motivated, given Gonzalez’s close connections with election lawyer Stanley Schlein, who was serving as the attorney for Nicole Paultre-Bell, Wills’ chief rival in the Council race. * Election Board's "Bungle George" Gonzalez Was Mayor Bloomberg's Baby(Village Voice)

Mayor Pays Off A Campaign Debt 
The Department of Investigation launched an investigation, but the outcome is unknown. (C&S).   Voting Machine Smack-Down: Lobbyists Brawl(Village Voice)  The architect of Gonzalez's promotion was Schlein, a charming and perennially troubled lawyer who has been helping make the big decisions for the Bronx Democratic Party for decades. The general consensus was that Schlein wanted George in the job for a simple reason: He did what Stanley asked him to do. Mr. Schlein has spent a career collecting political i.o.u.’s the way collectors scoop up prized stamps. He was a protégé to the former Bronx Democratic boss Stanley Friedman, who was convicted in the corruption scandals of the late 1980s. He lobbied for the Yankees when they wanted to build on a public park and for election-machine companies. He advised the Rev. Al Sharpton during his presidential campaign and handled an apartment purchase for the former mayoral candidate Fernando Ferrer. 

Schlein A Career Political Criminal
 He was also in the hotel suite with Mr. Bloomberg on election night 2001, calling in chits. Afterward, the new mayor appointed Mr. Schlein as the $63,000-per-year chairman of the city’s Civil Service Commission. A few years back, the city Conflicts of Interest Board fined Mr. Schlein $15,000 for using his city office as a de facto law office, making more than 2,000 phone calls related to his private business. Mr. Schlein resigned in 2006. Mr. Schlein also served as a court-appointed fiduciary, a lucrative billet open to loyal Democratic Party worthies. That too ended badly. In 2006, the Office of Court Administration barred him from taking new assignments, as he had apparently badly handled the finances of the infirm and the elderly.* *In an investigative profile in The Village Voice, Tom Robbins delves into Stanley Schlein's record * Schlein the Lawyer Making Bronx Judges -- Again (Village Voice) * Bronx City Council member Larry Seabrook's go-to guy was longtime powerbroker Stanley Schlein(NYDN)

Schlein Espada Lawyer 
The lawyer, Stanley K. Schlein, a well known lobbyist who representing Senator Pedro Espada, he was the lawyer representing D.A. Johson against accusations that he live in Westchester County. Sound familiar? (see article by Sam Roberts NY Times July 26, 2005).Pedro Espada Jr. live in Westchester County too. * A Bronx fixer's scandalous history doesn't bother Yankees or Democrats Schlein was there representing the three renegade Democratic senators who are demanding a fat share of the spoils before they agree to give their own party its long-sought majority in the state senate.* Why is Eric Schneiderman Using Pedro Espada's Fixer? Village Voice) * RECENT ALLIES PEDRO ESPADA, STANLEY SCHLEIN HAD ...(NYP) * Robert Giuffre sent out a press release last night saying that Assemblywoman Naomi Rivera's (and lawyer Stanley Schlein's) objections against his petition signatures had been officially dropped.


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