Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Emergency Plan Needed to Save New Yorkers Democracy

Why Is the Media Silent On the Board of Elections Lack of A Plan to Allow People to Vote in the Black Out Areas?

 It is clear there will be no electricity in many parts of NYC next Tuesday, election day.  It also clear that many people will be living in friends and family members homes far away from their homes.  We are 138 hours away from voting and the media and elected officials by not saying a word are allowing the proven failures at the NYC Board of Elections to come up with solutions to there very serious problems to all but elections lawyers will be representing the next Tuesday's losing candidates contest their clients lost due to the BOE incompetence. 24/7 coverage on local TV on the effects of the storm and nobody is asking the BOE or the mayor questions on how are New Yorkers in the black out areas going to vote.  How can anyone in this town call themselves journalist when they are not looking for the peoples right to vote?

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