Sunday, October 28, 2012

 “I Will Get Rid of the Albany’s Rats”

My name is Sebastian Martínez (As you can see I am of the FELINE ethnicity) I am running as a write-in candidate For the New York State 34th Senatorial District. My Slogan: "I Will Get Rid of the Albany's Rats" On both House Of the State Legislatures. It is simple just write my name on the ballot, there, voters can write in the name of the candidate they prefer— Not the one imposed by the political bosses. You don't have to live on my NY senatorial district. You can write-in my name on any race in the state as well in the whole nation, Whether you live in California or New York state. I will not accept any contribution. MosPoliticians sell their soul to the higher bidder. Is a corporation is a "person," Them my candidacy as a member of the Feline family is valid.
On November 6 Vote for Sebastian (El Gato) Martínez. The bosses candidate Jeffrey D. Klein is only beholding to the bosses.
State Sen. Jeffrey Klein was one of the pols who stopped the soda tax in its tracks, Albany insiders say. >
State Senator Jeffrey Klein

video by Rafael Martínez Alequín

My Write In Non-Campaign And Yours

 Mr. Littlefield for your information you are not the only one running as a Write IN Candidate, if you read:, you will find out, before you, that I am running for 34 New York State Senate in the Bronx as a Write In Candidate, even though I am of the Feline Ethnicity.

Your truly,
Sebastian (El Gato) Martínez
It’s no secret that there is an election on for President, although a vote in New York State is less significant because it is not a swing state. The more significant vote is for U.S. Senate, or the U.S. House of Representatives if you happen to live in a contested district. For most of us, however, there are no real elections for the House of Representatives, New York State Senate or New York State Assembly. The only candidates, or the only active candidates with real campaigns, are perpetual incumbents who have already been chosen by the insiders. And fake elections is just the way those who have been grabbing at the expense of those without power and the common future like it. While New York State does not suppress voting the way some swing states do, it does all it can to ensure that when people show up, there is no one to vote for, by keeping people off the ballot. The media cooperates by providing no attention to those challengers who manage to sneak through. But they tripped up. With the new voting system, write-in votes have become extremely easy. And therefore, I intend to vote for myself, Lawrence D. Littlefield, for the House of Representatives, State Senate, and Assembly. Not because I think I’m that great, sadly, but because of what I think of what these ignoble assemblies have done, with the local pols fully part of it or doing nothing to stop it. Eight years ago I had to lose my job and struggle to get on the ballot to make a similar protest, but not now. If you aren’t in a place with a real election, and agree with what I said then, which you can still read here, feel free to write in my name also. It doesn’t matter where you live, because it’s just a protest. If you don’t agree, but are similarly disappointed with the perpetual incumbents, you can write in your own name, or the name of someone you wish was on the ballot. A message needs to be sent about the sell out of our future, which is now the present, so I don’t see any reason to vote for the incumbents. You’d be better off writing in Donald Duck.
So how much of an impact did I have back in 2004? Not much, it seems, because just about everything that bothered me then has become worse. More debts. More public employee pension increases for those cashing in and moving out, with cuts in wages and benefits for new hires -- who then feel less obligation to the rest of us.
Back then, it was the State of New York that was the worst, but now the federal government is just as bad. Generation Greed seems to care little for those coming after, who continue to become worse and worse off. Yet it is somehow those who have grabbed the most, from Wall Street to the executive suite to today’s seniors, who seem to be making angry demands for more. And who have become better off relative to the rest during and after the Great Recession, thanks in part to their control of perpetually incumbent local politicians. I won’t bore you with a bunch of spreadsheets and endless text to show how and to what extent. If you are reading this, you have already seen all that already.
In this election my general rule will remain in effect. At the federal level, don’t vote for any Republicans on generational equity grounds. The only people voting Republican at the federal level should be those 55 and over who don’t care about their country, or about anyone 54 and younger. Don’t vote for any Democrats at the local level (though there no local elections this year), because they have favored the interests of producers of public services against less well off consumers of public services to the point of social injustice. And don’t vote for ANY incumbents of EITHER party in the New York State legislature, because both parties have sold out the future and ordinary people over and over again. With no limits and no shame. And they’ll do more, I can guarantee you that. They’ll pass on or move out and leave this place in ruins, or feel they missed out on something if they do not.
But thanks to their screw up with the new voting method, I don’t have to just leave a ballot line blank or vote for a name that didn’t even bother to campaign. I can write in instead. And I intend to take advantage of it.
Don’t be a fool. This isn’t an elective dictatorship, and you can’t change things or create hope by just voting for President, Governor or Mayor. The legislative offices matter as much or more. Aside from the evil attack ads for the limited number of contested elections, I’ve head little to nothing even about the control of Congress next year. It matters enormously whether the majority leader of the U.S. Senate is Harry Reid or Mitch McConnell, and the Speaker of the House of Representatives is John Boehner or Nancy Pelosi. And choosing that leader, and thus the committee heads that go with go with them, is the only significant vote the local empty suit will make. Yet that isn’t what you read or hear, to the extent that you read or hear anything. The media has let us down again, but then again most of us don’t have a real choice anyway. Except that now we do, sort of. We can at least, in effect, vote no.


Tribute to Lord Archer of Sandwell at the House of Lords

29 October 2012 - REDRESS is holding a reception at the House of Lords tomorrow to pay tribute to the late Lord Peter Archer of Sandwell QC and the help he graciously gave REDRESS over many years. The event will be hosted by Lord Frank Judd and is by kind permission of the Lord Speaker, Baroness Frances D’Souza. It is also supported by the All Party Parliamentary Human Rights Group.
Lord Archer was an ardent supporter and patron of REDRESS for nearly two decades before he passed away on 14th June 2012. He campaigned tirelessly for human rights throughout his career as a barrister, Labour MP and Peer. Lord Archer will be especially remembered by REDRESS for his initiative and efforts to advance the Torture (Damages) Bill in the House of Lords.
The reception will feature short addresses from Lord Judd, Baroness D’Souza and Sir Emyr Jones Parry, the chairman of REDRESS’ board of trustees, followed by a brief discussion on the main features of the Torture (Damages) Bill.
The Torture (Damages) Bill was first introduced by Lord Archer in the 2006-2007 parliamentary year and in three subsequent parliamentary sessions. It sought to create an exception to the State Immunity Act 1978, in order to allow civil suits to be brought against torturers and the states that support them. The Bill would allow survivors to bring a claim for compensation in the courts of England and Wales against those individuals and governments responsible, where they are unable to do so in the country in which they were tortured.
The Bill was passed in the Lords in 2008 but stalled in the Commons in 2009 and again in 2010. The Bill received support from the Joint Committee on Human Rights in 2009 after the Committee heard evidence from REDRESS and the government, among other parties, and concluded that a civil remedy should be available in the UK to victims of torture.
Lord Archer’s contribution to the human rights cause was far-reaching and REDRESS is proud to be associated with his work.
For further information: Contact Eva Sanchis at or +44 (0) 2077931777.
Note: REDRESS was founded by a British torture survivor in 1992. Since then, it has consistently fought for the rights of torture survivors and their families in the UK and abroad. REDRESS takes legal challenges on behalf of survivors, works to ensure that torturers are punished and that survivors and their families obtain remedies for their suffering. REDRESS has intervened in a range of leading torture cases.

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