Tuesday, February 28, 2012

My Verizon Nightmare

It began on November 2011. When I got the first bill, I noticed that Verizon was over charging my monthly bill. After several fruitless calls, I decided not to pay the February bill, knowing well that they will discontinue the service. On February 23rd, Verizon cut off both Internet and the telephone. Now it was my opportunity to start my inquiry focused on Verizon over charging my monthly bill.

After several hours on the telephone, I connected to an employee who listened to me. He found out that I was over charged $12.04 for four months. He dropped the over charges, and I paid the balance in full. And both telephone and Internet were restored. (This was on Thursday, February 23rd).

On the following Saturday (2/25/12) to my surprise neither my telephone, nor the Internet worked. They were disconnected again after I had paid Verizon’s bill in full. I have spent several hours calling Verizon to find out why my telephone an Internet have been cut off.

I wonder how many customers of Verizon here in New York State as well as the other 49 states are over charges by Verizon. If $12. are multiply by millions across the country that will be a big chunk of money into Verizon profit.

Why the Federal Government as well as the states Attorneys General are so silent when peoples are being rob by the present days ROBBER BARON?.
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