Monday, February 20, 2012

2012 The Manhattan Reform Movement in Ashes

In the 1960's Anti-War Organizers Made Manhattan the Center of the Cities Reform Movement

The Rise of the Reform Democrats in Manhattan to the late 1960s (Tails From the Sausage Factor). By the later 1960s, antagonism to the Vietnam War had generated rapid growth in the Manhattan reform movement. With a huge influx of student activists, the new umbrella group of reform Democratic clubs, the New Democratic Coalition began to beat Tammany Hall last lion Carmine DeSapio.

Anti-War Activist Pushed the Machine Out of Manhattan in the 60's

By 1968, the new group of young reformers were able to take leading positions in Eugene McCarthy’s presidential primary campaign in New York, and in 1970, they elected one of their own, Richard Gottfried, age 23, to the New York State Assembly. As of 2012, he’s still there. Another, Jerrold Nadler, went to the Assembly in 1976 and to Congress in 1992, where he continues to serve. Some of the other names — Dick Morris, Mark Leeds, Sy Barsky, Joe Mercurio. Former Assemblyman Dan Feldman the author of Tails from theSausage Factor wrote about anit-war activist in the 60's recruited college students to join Democratic clubs to take over the clubs and local politics.

2012 The Manhattan Reform Movement in Ashes

Boss Pick Judges Again
Manhattan Democratic boss Keith Wright must reveal who are his judicial screeners (NYDN Ed) The party’s reform legacy is being eroded. Manhattan Democratic boss Keith Wright must reveal who are his judicial screeners -- The party’s reform legacy is being eroded. Assemblyman Wright is picking judges with minimal transparency.Manhattan Democrats have long expressed pride that they picked their judges in a transparent, merit-based process a world apart from the backroom dealings of the other boroughs. Their chairman, Wright, is trashing the tradition. Since the 1970s, Manhattan Dems subjected all judicial candidates to screening by committees composed of representatives of law school deans, bar associations and lawyers’ groups. Party members got the nod for judgeships only after passing muster as qualified.

Today, Manhattan Bosses picked Elected Officials . . . OWS Has No Anti War Movement Impact On Local Politics

Up Through System Profession Pol
New Elected Officials Come From the Political System Not Movements
Most if Not All of the Recent State Elected Officials Have Won Their Positions in Special Elections. Given the Democratic Nomination by a Party Boss, devoid of any activists movement. Professional pols like Liz Kruger, Dan Quart, Micah Z. Kellner all won in party controlled special elections. Almost a third of those serving in Albany were elected by party bosses. Most of those elected in special elections come from staffs of other elected officials. Former NYT Reporter Frank Lynn used when he wrote in the 1980's used to put reform in quotes when he was writing about elected officials because he believe with the Plunkett of Tammany Hall theory of reform, that a reformer once elected becomes the machine.
OWS Empty Movement Leadership
Today the only thing left of reform in Manhattan is the name of the clubs: Three Park Independent Democrats, Stuyvesant Independent Democrats, Tilden Independent Democrats. Thomas Jefferson said for good government to existed their has to be a revolution or renewal ever 20 years. Unlike the anti-war generation 40 years before the OWS activists have stayed clear of the local politics and not working to get activists elected to public office. It seems the impact of OWS on local politics is as empty as Zuccotti Park.
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