Friday, February 24, 2012

Justice is A Political Game in NY

Did Parkside Stavisky Get Special Favors On His Rockland Mortgage to Protect His District Leadership in Queens The Mortgage Documents of Evan Stavisky & Kristen Stavisky For Their Home In Rockland County(Queens Politics)Please note the highlighted portion [linked] regarding establishing a permanent residence after 90 days of signing the document suffice a written dispensation from the broker and any convoluted election law loopholes that permit him to buy a home in Rockland County and live there while holding elected office in Queens.

A Strategic Living Arrangement For Top Democratic Strategist(City and State). The problem with the C&S piece was that it did not examine how their political connections to the Queens Democratic Party keeps Parksides which has lost many high profile elections (Weprin, Democratic State Senate majority) not only alive but making millions. NY's Politicals Consultant Monopoly(True News)

Brooklyn DA Ignores Repeated Complaints That Lopez Lives In Queens
In 2005 the NYP published a story Norman's Successor Facing Own Scandal that claimed three activists have filed a complaint with the Brooklyn DA, alleging Lopez used a fake address on his voter-registration form and doesn't live in his Brooklyn district. Instead, say the activists, Lopez for years has shacked up in a Queens condo owned by his Former Brooklyn Democratic party boss girl friend, Planning Commissioner Angela Battaglia. Garber, an activist in Lopez's district who has worked against Lopez-backed judicial candidates, said the pol's alleged fake address has been an open secret among insiders for years. In 2010 the Daily News said Brooklyn Dem boss Vito Lopez is hard to find at Bushwick home, but spends much of his time in Queens The Daily News found Lopez arriving at night and leaving in the morning from a condominium owned by his longtime girlfriend, Angela Battaglia - in Ridgewood, Queens.

Why Does the Media, Pols and DA's Protect Parkside and Vito Lopez and Watch O'Hara Be Destroyed for Residency
Why was John Kennedy O'Hara convicted for illegal voting by Brooklyn DA Joe Hynes for running for office out of his girlfriend's residence. While Evan Stavisky gets away with being registered in Queens while he lives with his wife in Rockland County? Lawyer O'Hara lost his law license which destroyed his life, while Stavisky makes millions with an incompetent politically connected consultant company? Why does the press ignore this outrageous legal injustice? They don't care and they are too dumb to understand. * O'Hara and Stavisky Voting Residence Injustice While the Media looks the other way(True News)

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