Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Why "Occupy Wall Street"

It has been more than two weeks since demonstrations erupted against banks and corporations across the US, and protesters in New York's financial district are vowing to continue their action after hundreds of them were arrested.

The group called Occupy Wall Street is planning a major rally to continues its protests against corporate greed, wealth inequality, high unemployment and home foreclosures.

See the Following Videos:

Wall Street Protestors (Patriots) on their 23 days camping at Zuccotti Park, own by Brookfield Financial Properties. "They have created a unique opportunity to peacefully shift the tides of history like the sit-down strikes of the 1930s, the civil rigth movement of the 1960s and the democratic uprisings across the Arab world and Europe today." From THE OCCUPIED WALL SITE

(1) Video by Rafael Martínez Alequín

(2)Video by Rafael Martínez Alequín

Wall Street Protestors confronted by antagonist

(3) video by Rafael Martínez Alequín

(4) Video by Rafael Martínez Alequín

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