Tuesday, October 4, 2011

The New York Times

Chen & Taylor report: “Michael R. Bloomberg could not recall when he had decided to pursue a third term as mayor. He could not remember an opponent’s accusation, in 2005, that he had tried to suppress voter turnout in minority areas. And he said that he did not know how much money he paid his closest aides, including Patricia E. Harris, the first deputy mayor; he was not sure what Ms. Harris’s title was at his philanthropic foundation, which she runs. Many high-profile witnesses in criminal trials repeatedly assert forgetfulness, rather than risk making a mistake by being too precise on the stand. But the two and a half hours of testimony by Mr. Bloomberg on Monday was striking in the number of times he said he was not aware of details in his own political operation.”

“Gotham” columnist Michael Powell writes: “In the end, Mayor Unflappable walked away unflapped.”

Willie Rashbaum notes: “Lawyers in a federal lawsuit that has governed how the New York Police Department investigates political and religious groups for more than 25 years asked a judge on Monday to let them collect information to see if the department had violated his orders in how they monitor Muslim communities.”

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