Monday, October 10, 2011

Bloomberg Softens Stance on Occupy Wall Street, Says They Can Stay

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  • 10/10/11 at 1:02 PM
Almost an activist.

Almost an activist.Photo: Janet Mayer/Splash News

Michael "We'll See" Bloomberg said last week, "The protests that are trying to destroy the jobs of working people in this city aren't productive," and refused to answer definitively whether or not he'd let the demonstrations continue. Today his stance sounded a bit different: "The bottom line is people want to express themselves. And as long as they obey the laws, we'll allow them to," the mayor said before the Columbus Day Parade. But make no mistake: "If they break the laws, then, we're going to do what we're supposed to do: enforce the laws," he added. Asked how long he believed the occupation would continue, Bloomberg said, "I think part of it has probably to do with the weather," indicating that his lack of faith in the cause likely persists. "This is the place where you can protest," Bloomberg did say of New York City, calling it the "most tolerant, open city in the world." He has a little hippie in him yet.

Bloomberg: Occupy Wall Street Can Stay Indefinitely [WSJ]

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