Saturday, September 24, 2011

Jon Stewart Mocks 'Helpless' Millionaires Who Say Obama Starting Class Warfare

Jon Stewart Millionaires

This week when President Obama proposed we tax the rich in order to reduce the debt by $4 trillion, he made clear that it's not class warfare, "It's math." But as Jon Stewart discussed on Wednesday night's "Daily Show," conservative millionaires aren't buying it, and if they're going to win the war they'll have to make America sympathize with our nation's "most vulnerable wealthy."

Unlike Stephen Colbert this week, Stewart praised Obama for saying it's more important to save medicare, medical research and education funds than to let tax code loopholes stay open for the mega-rich. He also went after two rich people who oppose the plan in particular: John Fleming, a businessman who owns 33 Subway restaurants (among other things) and Fox News host Bill O'Reilly.

In Fleming's case, even though he made over $6 million last year, after spouting some questionable math he claimed he was only left with a mere $200,000 a year to "feed his family." Well, hopefully he was watching the show last night, because Stewart turned him on to this great sandwich place where you can get 12 inches of food for $5.

And then there's Bill O'Reilly, who said on his show this week that he'll quit his job if taxes are raised on the rich. Naturally, Stewart was all for this. We're not sure how that's a threat to anyone but O'Reilly.

But perhaps it was "Fox & Friends" who put the plight of the wealthy in the clearest terms with a bar graph showing how millionaires are disappearing from the United States.

"We'd put them on the endangered species list, but we all know how much they hate government regulation," Stewart joked.

Watch the full segment below, especially the end where Stewart's segment slowly devolves into one of those sad Sarah McLachlan commercials, but instead of dogs you're saving James Merriweather Phillips.


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