Monday, September 19, 2011

Cleaning the Way For Quinn's Mayoral Race

You knew that the at some point the city's establishment would clean up Quinn's slush fund scandal that blew up in 2008. That efforts has begun today in a very unclear cover up article written in today's NYP by sally Goldenberg. 100G slush-fund hangover(NYP)

Goldenberg wrote that Quinn has said she discovered the scheme in the fall of 2007 and ordered it stopped. What the reporter failed to state was that that it was not stop and that in a Daily News story on November 11, 2008 the speaker admitted the slush fund help her politically.

The investigation has been essentially dormant since late 2008

The NYP article state the tax payers have paid 100,000 on defending Quinn and the rest of the council staff. Goldenberg article did not state that Quinn hired the lawyers after it was reported she was a target of the investigation. The NYP reported on April 13, 2008 that Slush Probers Eye Fraud Rap for Quinn In 2008 the NYP reported the feds Feds probing the City Council budget scandal are weighing wire- and mail-fraud charges against those who helped send millions into a secret slush fund. Today's NYP article said the slush fund investigation morphed into a larger probe of individual cases of fraud among council members that had slush fund.

Three members and two staffers have been indicted for misusing council funds. Former Councilman Miguel Martinez is in jail, and Councilman Larry Seabrook (D-Bronx) is awaiting trial. The NYP did not list the third member of the council indicted. Is there a 3rd?

What Ever Happen to the City Council Slush Fund Investigation? (True News)

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