Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Ana Catarian Bezerra, Brazilian Woman, Legally Entitled To Masturbate At Work

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First Posted: 05/17/11 07:51 AM ET Updated: 05/17/11 03:15 PM ET

In a decision that can only be described as touchy, a Brazilian judge has reportedly ruled that a 36-year-old female accountant can legally masturbate at work and watch porn on her work computer.

Ana Catarian Bezerra successfully argued that she suffers from a chemical imbalance that triggers severe anxiety and hypersexuality, according to a viral news story.

Her work situation began to suffer because the only way she can relieve her anxiety is by masturbating frequently, according to

"I got so bad I would to masturbate up to 47 times a day," she said. "That's when I asked for help, I knew it wasn't normal."

After winning a court battle and seeking professional help, Bezerra is legally entitled to combine work with pleasure.

Her doctor has also given her a medical cocktail of tranquilizers that has reduced her need to masturbate to about 18 times a day.

As might be expected, Bezerra's case raises all sorts of eyebrows (among other things) by various experts such as Dr. Carol Queen, resident sexologist for Good Vibrations, a San Francisco-based sex toy shop.

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