Thursday, July 24, 2008

Petey Defends His Turf

Former Senator Pedro Espada, previously rejected by the voters of the east Bronx is campaigning against present Senator, Efrain Gonzalez. Espada is CEO of the Soundview Healthcare facility which serves his district in the Bronx. What makes his role unique in this election among other things is his residency.
Contrary to his protestations, Espada lives in a lovely home in the affluent suburban town of Mamaroneck, NY. He enters the Bronx by way of a large SUV. And although he claims his residency at 325 E.2o1st., none of his neighbors seem to know him.

When confronted with this issue by YFP, he became contemptuous and threatening. But then again.......what's he got to lose. It's not as though we will run into him in the elevator soon.
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