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Get Tested.

What is the Bronx-wide HIV Testing Initiative?
The goal of the Bronx-wide HIV Testing Initiative is to increase HIV testing, so that every Bronx resident learns his or her HIV status and has access to quality care and prevention services.

GOAL 1: Test every Bronx resident between the ages of 18-64 for HIV who has never been tested.

GOAL 2: Identify undiagnosed HIV-positive persons in the Bronx and link them to care.

Who is being tested?
All adults ages 18-64 who have never been tested or who has not been tested in the last 12 months.
Persons who have ongoing risk. They should be tested at least annually.
Who is doing the testing?
Community health clinics, hospitals, community-based organizations, NYC Department of Healthclinics (STD and Tuberculosis), and jails
Who is organizing the Initiative?
The New York City Department of Health has teamed up with community-based organizations, hospitals, and community health clinics in the Bronx to carry out this initiative.
Why is the initiative begining in the Bronx?
The Bronx is known for having great collaborative relationships between community and medical providers.
New York City has one of the highest HIV rates in the United States.
The Bronx has been hit especially hard.
In 2005, an estimated 250,000 Bronx residents aged 18–64 had never been tested for HIV.
About one in four people with HIV do not know they are infected.
Finding out you have HIV early means earlier (access to available treatment) and prevention services before the disease progresses.
One out of every four people that find out they are HIV-positive also find out they have full-blown AIDS at the same time.

“The Bronx has the opportunity to lead the city in the fight against HIV/AIDS by being the first borough to have all residents tested. This will set a model not only for the city but for the whole country.”

Thomas R Frieden, MD, MPH
NYC Department

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