Friday, July 11, 2008

FDNY and NYPD Squabble at the Bronx Zoo

Several people were trapped in a tram (Sky Safari) at the Bronx Zoo this week for hours. While they waited above for a rescue, apparently their rescuers were squabbling amongst themselves.

According to a police chat room, the longstanding rivalry between NYPD and FDNY was alive and well. Posters say that NYPD would not allow FDNY to take part in the rescue until much later. Passengers were trapped for more than five hours. Below is a post from an irate fireman.

Re: NYPD TAKES OVER BRONX ZOO Post by tllt on Yesterday at 11:48pm HERE'S THE STORY AND IT'S UGLY!!! :

B-18 gave verbal from the kitchen while watching the 6 O'clock news!!! Called dispatcher by phone and told them to transmit the box. E-88, L-58, B-18 responded. B-18 enters Zoo to find an advanced PD operation under way. Numerous ESU rigs (the little kind and the big kind), guys on the towers over the cable, multiple bosses and the helicopter flying 20 feet over the whole operation!!!???

Here's where it gets uglier: As L-58 approaches gate to enter regular cops slam gate shut. They tell the Sr. Captain they have orders from their bosses NOT TO LET FDNY IN!!! WTF : Deputy shows up and starts yelling. They finally let our guys in. This is incredible as we actually drill on this very scenario with the zoo people every year. I'm not blaming the regular cops at the gate. They were under orders. But where do the NYPD Bosses get off pulling this S#@T.

Again lately we've actually had no problems with ESU up this way. It's the hierarchy that's the problem.

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