Friday, November 2, 2007


The Dana Rishpy series written by Silvia Cherem was p ublished on YFP. It has received some interesting responses. We are grateful for all of them. It encourages a forum of open discussion.
One particular post caught our eye and we would like that poster to elaborate. Please give more details. Remember, you are anonymous. And the more details brought forward, the less suspicion there will be regarding Matthew Walshin's involvement in Dana Rishpy's disappearance.

Anonymous said...
Dana left mezzanine about hour before the club was over with a couple of french canadian guys. She wasn't with Matthew and the others who went to playa esperanza they stayed at the club until the club was over and then went to playa esperanza. Matthew was with another women and several other people not with Dana. They all slept at Playa esperanza. Dana was at mar caribe about 8km to the north that night. This is fact not conjecture or made up.
October 31, 2007 8:00 PM

YFP asks the following: Who were the French Canadian guys and can you describe them. Can you be more specific about the time that Dana left the Mezzanine and how did she leave. i.e. was she walking or did she leave in a vehicle?

"El Hungaro" gave a deposition that he gave Matthew and his friends a ride that night to Playa Esperanza. He also stated that he remembered Matthew accompanied by a young woman with long hair. Of course, that is a generic description but it does raise the level of suspicion.

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