Wednesday, November 21, 2007


Why subsidize Manhattan with congestion pricing?

Manhattanites Make the Most Money

The Bureau of Labor Statistics has released data showing Manhattan as the country's highest paid place. Thanks to financial executives' salaries, the average weekly salary for a Manhattanite is $2,821. The next highest weekly salary in the country is Fairfield, Connecticut - $1,979.
The figure reflect the heady first quarter of 2007. The rest of New York City residents make more modest amounts. Queens residents make an average of $831/week, followed by $788 made in the Bronx, $742 in Brooklyn, and $733 in Staten Island.
Some other interesting specifics: Manhattan investment bankers make $16,918/week, while information industry workers make $2,586. Manhattan's hospitality industry workers make $769/week. NY State residents make an average $1,397/week.
This tool compares salaries between cities (clearly, the cost of living in NYC is going to be way more than Durham, NC). New York magazine also had a cost-of-living calculator for keeping up a certain lifestyle in NYC. And about 1.55 million New Yorkers live in poverty.

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