Monday, July 30, 2007


In a recent unfortunate event, a child was abducted and sexually abused in Boro-Park. Community members were as enraged with their politicians as they were with the crime. The following excerpt is from Furthermore, comments disparage a not so "kosher" Noach Dear.

Dov Hikind’s political illusion. Blame the victim.

If you’ve watched Dov Hikind’s press conference on the four-year-old girl’s assault in Boro-Park you’ve seen one of the best pieces of political slight-of-hand performed lately. Once again, before any facts have surfaced a Boro-Park politician, that is very unBoro-Park-like, has gone on a rampage to throw blame on the victim and their family, rather than look at his own job record. Dov Hikind, who, for all means and purposes, does not represent the Boro-Park people or their culture, or even understand them or like them for that matter, has tried one of the oldest political tactics in the book.

Dov went in front of the television cameras and, instead of saying in a humble voice “There is a safety problem in Boro-Park and I will do my best to help fix it.”, he rather decided to misdirect the focus and cast all the blame on the mother of this little girl. Dov Hikind hopes that by blaming the mother everyone will forget to ask why the Police are not doing their job of protecting the community and why our politicians aren’t demanding that they do. Dov Hikind will run again for office soon and once again he will run only against Dov Hikind. Now, who does that say more about, us as a community, or him?

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