Monday, July 30, 2007


After her initial foray into the limelight, Judy Giuliani was sent limping back to her shopping sprees. I'll prepared for the scrutiny of the media, Judy flamed out with faux pas. She reappeared last week in Savannah, Georgia on the campaign trail with Rudy. With Stepford Wife perfection, she beamed at her presidential hopeful. Long on mascara and short on comment, she praised the beauty of the Georgia terrain. Praise, however, is lacking in a soon to appear Vanity Fair article about Judy .

The Vanity Fair piece explores a run-in between Mrs. Giuliani and Sen. Clinton which transpired during a commemoration of the one-year anniversary of Sept. 11.

"Senator Hillary Clinton stood in the aisle -- until she was unceremoniously pushed by a phalanx of four burly cops entering the tent, these guarding Judith Nathan, Giuliani's girlfriend. No apologies were offered, one observer noted," Bachrach reports.

Clinton was apoplectic at the perceived slight.

"'The nerve of that woman!' Hillary exploded, recalling that her own daughter's Secret Service detail evaporated soon after Bill Clinton left office," Bachrach reports. "Why should an ex-mayor's girlfriend get such royal treatment? 'Who does she think she is?' Hillary said to an observer, who later recounted the story."

In her article, Bachrach employs some unflattering quotes from a longtime critic of the GOP presidential candidate, but identifies him as simply a "Giuliani biographer." Since the nineties, journalist Wayne Barrett has criticized the former mayor in a number of Village Voice articles and columns, plus two books he authored.

Barrett is used to back up the Vanity Fair profiler's observation that there may be cracks in Rudy and Judith Giuliani's marriage because the Republican presidential candidate appeared "strangely disconcerted" when his wife embraced him after a recent debate.

"It did not look like he was happy to see her. It looked to me like he was estranged," says Barrett. "He was cold."

NY Post gossip column Page Six characterized the Vanity Fair article as a "hatchet job" for painting Judith Giuliani as some sort of "an opportunistic, puppy-killing homewrecker."
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