Sunday, July 22, 2007

Lyndon LaRouche's Campus Cult

by Luis Alfredo Garcia

He' has been a presidential candidate 8 times. He was an adviser to President Ronald Regan and Norman Bailey. A former senior staffer of the National Security Council once described his Youth Movement as "one of the best private intelligence services in the world." His name is Lyndon H. LaRouche and his representatives have been recruiting on college campuses for years. Recently, they have been recruiting on an anti-war anti-Bush Administration platform while national public support for both has steadily declined

. His books such as Children of Satan, are handed out to college students on and around campuses. Students who may be drawn in by an organized anti war movement are picked up and taken to group meetings where they are told of a global economic collapse in the coming weeks and that Lyndon LaRouche has the only viable solution to that collapse.

That solution is to drop out of college. Students at Evergreen State College in Olympia Washington were informed by a sign outside their Library to start working for Lyndon LaRouche to stop the "Evil" Babyboomers and the "Evil" Bush Administration and the "Evil" Bankers. According to Jorye Fugate of the Seattle Branch of the Youth Movement "This is our mission. Anything else, is less moral, and therefore less fulfilling (in) life." Jorye has been with the Lydon LaRouche Youth PAC for ten years and explained using constructive geometry, ancient philosophy, Bach and volumes of LaRouche approved international news briefings that the world economy was going to collapse in a matter of weeks.

He contended at the time that Mr. LaRouche who he sometimes called "The General" or simply "Lyn" has never been wrong on any of his economic forecast and that Mr. LaRouche and the actions of the Youth Movement were "responsible for the Democratic wins" during the Nov. 7th 2006 elections.

According to David Benjamin, the former President of the Georgetown University College Republicans, "Asking a college student these days if he or she is against the Iraq war and the Bush Administration is like asking a college student if he or she likes beer and since LaRouche has been recruiting that way as of late it puts a lot of passionate well meaning young people in the dangerous position of wanting to believe his crazy ideas about good and evil.
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