Friday, July 13, 2007


John McCain's campaign continues to falter. Like rats leaving a sinking ship, friends and staffers are deserting. The Giuliani team sniffing the carnage, scours for McCain supporters to defect to the Rudy G. camp. This increases his chances of winning. However, there is the issue of disgruntled NYC Firemen and also who would reap the rewards of a President Rudolph Giuliani cabinet membership. The following is a list of names of Rudy G. associates—HALL OF SHAME. Google them for further info.
1. Bernard Kerik
2. David Vitter
3. Alan Placa
4. Russell Harding
5. Seymon Kislin
6. Anne Compoccia
7. Arthur and Thomas Ravenel
8. Lou Carbonetti

A portion of the NYC Fire Department does not want to be associated with Giuliani.
Click on the following link to see their "Swiftboat" video.
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