Monday, April 2, 2007


As the presidential primary moves closer, the original personality of the players becomes more distant. Consultants and image-makers continually seek to refine their clients for the political market. Hillary Clinton acquires a black southern accent, Obama quits smoking and Rudy Giuliani softens his edges. Even Rudy’s wife has been reigned in. Appearing on Barbara Walters in a tasteful “Connecticut” outfit, Judy’s words seemed almost scripted. Gone were the testosterone bragging rights about her husband. In place, she deferred to her mate. Rudy described her as a person “who loves people”. Perhaps this is true, but back in 1994, the love was all but forthcoming. In 1994, Judy Nathan was driving a rental car. According to AN INVESTIGATIVE BIOGRAPHY OF RUDY GIULIANI by Wayne Barrett, Judy struck a black pedestrian messenger. Thirty one year old Gary Wilson was crossing a street in Brooklyn with the WALK sign. Judy, then Nathan, claimed to have made a “slow” left hand turn. Wilson was thrown up onto the hood of her car and taken semi conscious to a hospital with a fractured head and other injuries. Nathan, a registered nurse, claimed that she smelled alcohol on Wilson and ripped his walk man headphones off. In reality, Wilson’s headphones were tucked under his jacket because it was raining. And despite her version of the incident, Gary Wilson was awarded $100,000 in January 2000 as the result of a lawsuit against her.

Since Mrs. Giuliani is interested in a cabinet advisory position on Public Health, she might consider traffic safety as a subcategory. “When you’re a nurse” Judy said, “You learn crisis management and organizational skills.”
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