Monday, April 9, 2007


Rudy Giuliani proceeds to confound and confuse the public on the issue of abortion. His platform appears to rest on three pillars. The first being that he would uphold the federal law on the right to abortion, although he is morally against it. The second is that as president, he would allow the State to form it's own rule. The third is that he is against referendums on the issue of abortion. This would mean that in a state such as South Dakota where they have had a referendum on abortion, that Giuliani would simultaneously permit and disallow the ruling. Confused? Well....that is the whole point. If you tell enough versions, enough times, you are bound to please part of the electorate.

Back in the day when Rudy b.911 reigned, he frequently bristled and launched into lectures that alternated as tirades. This video Rudy In The Raw (15) details his rant against a referendum on abortion. The "court of public opinion" will never be presided over by Rudy G. Watch Rudy rant at:
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