Sunday, April 29, 2007


Last week, Rudy Giuliani chided Democrats about their stance on terrorism. Giuliani, riding the wave of his 9/11 heroism, claimed that to elect a Democrat would invite another terrorist attack.
In February, 1998, Giuliani held a weekly press briefing lauding his efforts in terrorism prevention. He cited his experience as US attorney general and the value of FBI intelligence in thwarting an attack. He also spoke about the Office of Emergency Management which he takes the credit in creating. That office was headed by Jerry Hauer. Hauer, now curiously silent, quit after 9/11 due to differences with Giuliani. Among those were Giuliani's building his "bunker" in 7 World Trade complete with 6,000 gallons of fuel. Also, the lack of coordination between police, fire, and ems which Giuliani claims to have been ready for action through various training exercises. Democrats were angered for good reason. His boasts are empty. History has shown that the city was ill prepared for the attack of 9/11. And for Giuliani to imply a pompous sense of security prior to the attack of 9/11 is nothing less than despicable. Adding insult to injury, to state that a Democratic President would invite terrorism, when in reality the sitting president was a Republican when 9/11 occurred, is beyond the pale. One can only hope that as more contenders join the race, Giuliani's voice will fade into the distance. Click on video at:
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