Monday, April 23, 2007


New York City is composed of five distinct boros. Each known for an incredible array of wonderful cultures and ethnic groups. As the economic boom of it's Manhattan epicenter continues to ripple outwards to these boros, one remains unique. The Bronx aka the BX is 75% Black and Hispanic. It also has the largest Mung (Cambodian) community in the city and a growing African population. However, it is also burdened with the highest asthma and domestic violence rate in the city. But the real tragedy is how it has historically been used as a springboard for ambitious politicians and democratic bosses such as Roberto Ramirez. Lack luster boro President, Adolfo Carrion has seized the opportunity to showcase his skills as a potential mayor of the city of New York. But last week, he showed weak leadership in defending his boro against a racist German Army video. A video circulated on the Internet shows a German army sergeant barking orders at a recruit. "Now you're in the Bronx. A blast truck stops in front of you. Three African Americans get out and insult your mother grossly. Every time before you pull the trigger, I want to hear you shout motherf----r very loudly."

Carrion was quoted as saying, "Clearly, these folks don't know anything about African Americans or the Bronx." A tepid response to such an insult. In an ironic twist, Carrion had recently visited Germany at the behest of the mayor, to promote interest in the Bronx. Sadly, the BX is beginning to emerge from it's cocoon and no one is applauding. There is SOBRO, a new artist loft community. There is the world class Botanical Gardens and of course the famous Bronz Zoo. The Bronx needs an aggressive Public Relations advocate such as Brooklyn boro president, Marty Markowitz. The benign neglect of a once famous borough has allowed it's bad rap to become international. If Mr. Carrion wants to become mayor of New York City, he must prove that he can govern his own boro first. Until then, there will be no clapping......only the sound of "the Bronx Cheer".
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