Saturday, March 3, 2007

To Pee or Not to Pee....That is the Question

Due to the lack of public albeit clean restrooms, there is occasion to take matters in one's own hands. Many a man or mother of a young child has had to avail themselves of an unsuspecting tree. Medical advisers state that a full bladder can be stretched beyond capacity and contribute to discomfort. This brings us to the question of where to go with the flow. Rudy b.911 declared an all out war on public urination. He rails against the evil and uncivility of bodily streaming video. Incorporating the offense into his "Broken Windows Theory", he is adamant about not peeing in public. Now, on balance, he is correct. But to muster such zeal in enforcement is a little over the top. It is almost comical. does not want to translate You're In New York to Urine New York. That is why Mayor Bloomberg heeded the call with more public restrooms. They are not only needed but they produce revenue. Rudy's rant against public urination underscores his manic need to control. Toilets not tickets would have been the answer Rudy. Click him on at: Search box: Rudy In the Raw (8) or this link below.
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