Saturday, March 31, 2007


When Barbara Walters, in a recent TV interview asked Judi Giuliani about how she felt as "the other woman", Judi answered pleadingly. "It hurts." "I became a single working mom, something I'm very proud of. I had to re-enter the work force after, oh, gosh, more than a decade after being a wife and mother...It was an incredible growth period, Barbara. and I look back on it now and I'm happy that I had that time period, because it made me such a stronger person."

She would lead us to believe that in her desperation, she had to work for a living and perhaps get a supplement from a married man. In reality, Judi Nathan led a charmed life. Her ex husband, Bruce Nathan said in the book, AN INVESTIGATIVE BIOGRAPHY OF RUDY GIULIANI by Wayne Barrett: "When I met Judi, she stopped working". She did not have a job until they moved to Los Angeles in 1991. There, she worked for a few weeks at an art gallery. And then for a couple of months selling surgical supplies. After her divorce, she left L.A. and moved to New York City to the Monterey Apartments at 175 E.96th Street. Bruce Nathan called her a "social climber" in the divorce papers saying that her "main goal in life was being involved with whatever was 'the in thing' at the moment." "She thought nothing of playing bridge two or three nights a week, clubbing at bars one night a week with single friends, going to movies, shows, etc." The couple had several luxury cars and a $75,000 yacht in the Hamptons. Judi can only be pitied for the $1,600 per month alimony that Bruce gave her. But in spite of that, she was able to send her daughter to the Spence school, an expensive private school on the East side for the wealthy.

As a working single mother, Judi still enjoyed the good life. Toting $4000 Hermes Birkin bags, she managed to maintain the image. And although she protested that it was painful to be thought of as the other woman. "It was difficult of course and particularly so because at that time, I was a single working mom...", she thrived on good company.

Manos Zacharioudakis was quasi husband two and a half. They never married but lived together for five years after her relationship with Nathan ended. Zacharioudakis a psychologist who worked at Woodhull hospital in Brooklyn at the time stated: "We still lived together after it ended but it was finally over in June. She didn't move the bulk of her stuff out until September 1st when she got a new apartment on E.94th Street." Rudy had appeared on the scene.

Balancing a rent of $4,000 per month and private school tuition, Judi needed more than her surgical saleswoman salary at Bristol Myers. She met Rudy Giuliani allegedly at Cuker's Bar.
Rudy claims the chemistry was electric. Whatever the wattage was, it was enough for Giuliani to leave his wife, Donna of several years and eventually marry Nathan.

Judi Nathan never endured the plight of most single mothers in America. It is contemptuous of her to make the comparison. She never lacked for manicures, tony apartments or the kind of life that most working single mothers can only dream of. Were it not for the benefit of her "Hootchie Gucci" style and the skill of plastic surgeons, her life may have had a different outcome. Ambition certainly played a part in the making of Judith Giuliani. But so did Rudy. He saw a reflection of himself in her. Where compassion for one set of single mothers lacked, it was transferred to Judi. Unlike her, many working single mothers are poor and in need of assistance. Rudy prided his legacy on reducing the welfare rolls and limiting that aid. In one instance, he was in violation of the rules of the Department of Agriculture on the issuance of food stamps and welfare assistance. In this video, he refuses to accept blame.
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