Wednesday, March 21, 2007


In April 2000, Rudolph Giuliani was diagnosed with prostate cancer. Eventually, he dropped out of the race for senate because of his illness. For a moment, it appeared that a gentler, kinder man emerged. Perhaps humbled by his vulnerability. The moment was fleeting. Giuliani cut funding to a free prostate screening program a week after he had a psa test. This was eight days before he learned that he himself had prostate cancer. And although he appealed for men to be screened, he eliminated a paltry $750,000 from a surplus city budget for the program. To present an even more poignant scenario, on May 9th, he stood with his police commissioner, Howard Safir to announce that he too had prostate cancer. Safir went on to say how he had been alerted to his illness from prostate cancer screening. It would seem almost immoral that a man who was diagnosed with prostate cancer via prescreening would not afford the same to people who could not afford it. The problem eventually fell into the hands of the City Council. It was their political power that would seek to overturn the Giuliani fiscal slashing. One has to view this in terms of a potential President and his ability to legislate health care. We must all choose wisely or suffer the consequences. Watch Rudy discuss his cancer and advocate cancer screening at:
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