Sunday, March 18, 2007


Rudolph Giuliani continues to mystify poll watchers. Until another charismatic contender such as Chuck Hagel declares, Rudy will waft higher. However, he may still encounter occasional celestial bumps such as his stand on abortion, gay rights and his divorce(s). Add to that his present wife, Judith Giuliani. Vilified by Giuliani's son, Andrew last week, Judy moves closer and closer to the camera lens. Until last week, little was known about Ms. Giuliani except for tawdry gossip, Google and hearsay. Then......Judy spoke. She introduced her husband at a $2,300 a plate fundraiser in New York. Attendees paid full fare to consume baseball gourmet hot dogs. A theme that Rudy has always been fond of. Ms. Giuliani's intro speech was akin to a grade B actress pitching Herbal Life supplements. Her candid style is refreshing, but not appropriate for the wife of a presidential aspirant. As she refers to she and her husband as a team, the "we" is exclusive of humility. Social grace would mandate that as she sheds the taint of "the other woman", she should slowly morph into the role as the new Mrs. Giuliani. Her name dropping of notables such as Ken Langone do more to damage Giuliani than help him. Langone was tagged in a civil action by Eliot Spitzer. Spitzer claimed that Langone mislead the NYSE over his pal and CEO Dick Grasso. Langone allegedly aided in Grasso receiving a $140 million dollar pay package when he stepped down. A number far in excess of what should have been allowed. Her "bragging rights" about access to those notables as Mrs. Giuliani are a classic example of nouveau riche. The school she refers to as having financially aided is a middle class private Catholic school in a gentrified section of upper Manhattan. Mother Cabrini High School was the only Catholic high school in the country to receive the US Dept. of Education "Blue Ribbon School of Excellence" award. The student population is 453. Tuition is $8,400 per year.
Hardly the cash strapped ghetto enclave that Ms. Giuliani tries to portray. And as she attempts to deconstruct a bourgeois image, she is subtly betrayed by her high fashion glitz. This does not play well in the red states of "Big Hair". Jackie Onassis knew it. A simple but classy style put her on the best dressed list. Nancy Reagan had it also. She made the color red whisper. Judy is strikingly Manhattan. Admittedly, she looks good on Rudy's arm. But will that translate to tea parties with women of more conservative cultures in the oval office? First ladies walk a thin line. The public wants glamor and stateliness in the same package. A tough balancing act. But the women who master it enhance their husband's image and marketability. Advice to Judy.....fake it till you make it. See Judy perform at the following link. Click on:
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