Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Shocking Poll on Debt-Ceiling Crisis

People waiting in line for the new iPhone. (photo: unknown)
People waiting in line for the new iPhone. (photo: unknown)
By Andy Borowitz, The New Yorker
23 September 13
Andy Borowitz, is a controversial author for our readership. While Borowitz is always among the best read, some readers bristle at our decision to publish satire at all. For us Borowitz is arguably the best political satirist the country has produced in some time.

Fiction, comedy and satire are all literary vehicles capable of important, and timely political commentary. Andy is "on point" when he writes, and that makes him relevant to the discussion, in his own satirical way.

The piece below, "In Poll About Debt-Ceiling Crisis, Americans Totally Excited About New iPhone" illustrates Borowitz's ability to force constructive thought. What Borowitz is saying is that American's social awareness is consumer-driven. "While Rome burns we shop." Yes the GOP drive to shut down the government is serious, and yes we do need to pay attention to that. Thank you Andy. / ma/RSN

n a poll taken over the weekend about the looming debt-ceiling crisis and government shutdown, most Americans said that they were totally excited about the new iPhone 5s.
When asked about the prospect of a debt-ceiling logjam leading to a downgrade of the U.S. economy, seventy-two per cent of those surveyed said that the new iPhone looks like the most awesome iPhone yet.
Questioned about the disastrous impact of the U.S. government defaulting on the nation's debt, sixty-five per cent agreed with the statement, "I can't believe I waited on line all Friday for the 5s and they told me they're sold out until October."
On the topic of whether the debt-ceiling crisis could plunge the world economy into the most apocalyptic catastrophe since the financial meltdown of 2008, Americans were deeply divided over which color iPhone they would choose, but agreed that all of them looked amazing.
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