Thursday, August 16, 2012

Over 50 Years Ago Jimmy Breslin Said Race Divides Every Issue in NYC . . . Not Much Has Changed

NYC Racial Divide Runs Right Through Stop and Frisk

A Quinnipiac poll finds that 69 percent of black voters in New York City oppose stop-and-frisk, 57 percent of whites support the policy, but 64 percent of all voters approve of Police Commissioner Ray Kelly’s job performance:  Q poll: "Black voters disapprove of 69 – 25% while approval is 57 – 37% among white voters"  Pockets of City See Higher Use of Force During Police Stops(NYT) Police used some level of physical force in more than 20 percent of its stops across the city last year, though those stops seldom translate into arrests, causing black and Latino leaders to question officers' judgment* Poll: NYC racially divided over stop and frisk(WSJ) * Poll: NYC racially divided over stop and frisk(Fox 5) * Cuomo Sees Need For New Gun Control Measures(NY1) *
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