Friday, August 3, 2012

"Best place in Tlaquepaque" Mexico
This place is a dream come true. Big rooms, big bathrooms, most comfortable bed... José L. Gutiérrez and Stand eSingleton are wonderful hosts. The garden... I want heaven to be this beautiful.  Mexico, beside their culture and natural beauty is a very safe place to live and visit, with extremely friendly and helpful people.

Video By Rafael Martínez Alequín

safety in Mexico

Safety in Mexico has become a big topic and certainly there are some issues that the country of Mexico and the united states have to deal with concerning their drug crimes and use of drugs and other drug related gang issues on both sides of the border . The vast majority of events have been between rival gangs and have not affected the general population here in Mexico . The boarder towns have had some bigger issues but I am old enough and have watched enough John Wayne movies to know that boarder towns out west have always had issues .
I have lived here for 26 years as an American living outside of the united states and have always found and still do find Mexico a safe place to visit and in my case live . Let me assure my guests if I thought there was any real problems in Guadalajara / Tlaquepaque or to us and our guests I would be the first to let you know. The last thing I would want is a house full of worried guests that did not know the culture or language of Mexico and for me to be responsible for their well being and to put my staff or myself at any risk if there were a problem here believe me I would let you know . There are many travel sites that feature reviews I am sure I have had a few in the last few weeks and months go check out what they have to say and I can guarantee you that you will not find any of the terrorific headlines that come up on televisions in the states . I believe that much of the fear is based on having a lovely country like Mexico as neighbors with such wonderfully different culture language history both colonial and pre-Columbian history it is sometimes hard to believe with so many wonderful differences that we are neighbors . And because of all of Mexico’s exciting and unique differences Northerners I believe have always been a bit afraid of all of those great special features that Mexico’s wonderful and ancient culture seem to project in other words fear of the unknown . So come on down and get to know us that is just why we started Casa de las Flores . If there are not any wonderful differences to encounter by traveling and new experiences , tastes and sights to enjoy you might as well just stay home hadn`t you. I do not know of another border you can cross anywhere in the world that is so different and on every level as between the united states and Mexico from its fantastic pre-Columbian history of vast Aztec, Toltec and Olmec cities and cultures to a completely different colonial history that make for two very different cultures .

Stan Singleton and José L. Gutiérrez

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