Thursday, January 19, 2012

The Russians Are Not Coming

After 10 Years of Winning Elections the Russians Still Don't Get A District or Respect. It is A New Russian Cold War Against GOP

GOP Cuts the Man Who Delivered Votes Out
Last week Russian radio owner community leader Gregory Davidzon after he was humiliate an disrespected by the GOP ran to the arms of the political thug Lew Fidler against Russian GOP candidate David Storobin. Davidzon whose proven vote delivering ability made Turner a congressman, wanted a Russian state senate district. Instead he was told by the senate's GOP leadership that the Russians in Brooklyn would be cut into several districts, Golden, Sampson, the Kruger district and Savino. In addition the radio station owner was told by the GOP leadership that they were backing their own Russian candidate and would not back him for the seat.

domenic_recchia152242--300x300.jpg10 Years Ago the Russians Were Also Block From Getting Their Own District by CM Recchia For the rest of the Recchia story and the top 10 reasons why the Russians did not get representation

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