Saturday, January 14, 2012

Murdoch's Revenge Of A Canceled Contract

Is the NYP Using Cuomo to Get Even With the UFT Last August UFT president Mike Mulgrew the state to reject a $27 million contract with an educational technology company owned by Rupert Murdoch's News Corp. Murdoch brought Joe Klein over from the city to jump start an education company off of the city's back. Teachers Unions Urge State to Reject Contract with Murdoch-Owned Vendor(WNYC) The NYP has certainly gotten even with John Liu who they have call the UFT's sock puppet controller after he went after News Corp education contracts with the city. Controller Liu tosses $2.7 million contract tied to with Joel Klein(NYDN)

Yesterday Murdoch on Twitter call of Cuomo a chicken was to paint governor who knows how to run between the raindrops into the corner in the teacher evaluation dispute. Today Murdoch right hand man on the post Bob McManus pens a column following Up on Murdoch's Twitter attack on the governor. * During Address, Murdoch Goes After Cuomo on Twitter(NYT) On his Twitter account, now only two weeks old, Rupert Murdoch of News Corporation referred to the governor as “chicken Cuomo” while praising Mayor Michael R. Bloomberg’s ideas. Mr. Murdoch wrote: “Bloomberg’s bold teacher proposals today terrific. How will chicken Cuomo respond? If UFT refuses this money good teachers will scream.” He was referring to the United Federation of Teachers, a union that often opposes rigorous teacher evaluations, which figured prominently in the mayor’s speech.

Bloomberg and Murdoch Team Up Against Cuomo, Has Dicker Been Kidnapped?

Post editorial page editor Bob McManus says Bloomberg’s speech yesterday tossed a “grenade in Cuomo’s lap” when it comes to changing current teacher evaluation Bob McManus: “(W)hat Bloomberg really did yesterday was toss a grenade in Cuomo’s lap — with the hope, if not the expectation, that when it explodes, some of the shrapnel will hit Assembly Speaker Sheldon Silver.” Your move, Governor – don’t blow it (NYP)

Who is A Chicken?

“Chicken Cuomo,” as Rupert Murdoch dubbed him, has not yet responded to the media mogul’s Twitter jab.* The NYT’s Michael Grynbaum found Murdoch’s choice of “schoolyard taunt” against Cuomo to be “decidedly strange” since Bloomberg and the governor are. * The Times notes that Andrew Cuomo isn’t used to being called a “chicken,” as Rupert Murdoch did.

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