Tuesday, November 15, 2011

OWS: Bloomberg's Waterloo?

Why didn't the NYC government negotiate with the OWS activists toward a non-violent resolution of what it claims were problems with the encampment? Have we come to a state of affairs where the powers that be only rely on force and power? Are they conceding that they have no rational ground for their power except 'might makes right'?

OWS at Zuccotti Park on November 14. As shown in this video the park is kept clean, there is a library, as well as their press and social media. On Monday evening Mayor Bloomberg and his Police Department destroyed their library and their information center at Zuccotti Park, without warning to the occupiers. As of
4:49 pm today a judge order that the protesters can return to the park without overnight gear.

Watch the following video (2) Nov-15-11

video (1) by Rafael Martínez Alequín (Nov. 14-11)

This video was taken on November 15, after the New York City Mayor Michael R. Bloomberg, unleashed his police force against OWS protesters. Today, inside Zuccotti Park are the NYPD as an occupy force . The protesters were evicted in violation of their constitutional rights.

video (2) by Rafael Martínez Alequín

Timothy Karr: Mayor Bloomberg's First Amendment Problem

In the two months since the Occupy movement began 25 journalists have been arrested covering events across the country. More than half of these arrests have occurred in New York City, including 13 journalist arrests in the last week.
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