Tuesday, November 8, 2011

The New York Times

Richard Perez-Peña looks at the competition for an engineering school in the city and what it could mean for Mayor Bloomberg.

Kate Taylor notes: “The 2013 mayoral election is still two years away, but the first television advertisement of the campaign will make its debut on Tuesday. Tom Allon, a newspaper publisher who is something of a long-shot candidate, is running the ad in an attempt to gain some much-needed name recognition to establish himself as an outsider and a pragmatist who is not beholden to political bosses. The ad, which will run on NY1 for only one day, opens with an image of a polling site and a locked gate, as a narrator observes that Tuesday is Election Day ‘and you’re not voting.’

“Gotham” columnist Michael Powell doesn’t like that the mayor is largely blaming Congress for the mortgage crisis.

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