Monday, November 21, 2011

The New York Times

Goldstein & Moynihan report: “The sounds of snare drums, bongo drums and bucket drums, a familiar and frequent annoyance to those who live near Zuccotti Park, moved uptown on Sunday to the East Side home of Mayor Michael R. Bloomberg. Well, not exactly. The intention of the Occupy Wall Street protesters was to stage a 24-hour drum circle in front of the mayor’s town house on East 79th Street. But the protesters were blocked at each corner by a line of police officers and metal barricades. The police not only kept the drummers away; they also restricted access to all except those who lived on Mr. Bloomberg’s block.”

Kirk Semple reports: “Supporters of a bill that would raise wages at city-subsidized projects are celebrating the introduction of a formidable voice to the debate: the Roman Catholic Archdiocese of New York.”

J. David Goodman writes: “On a stretch of Prospect Park’s main drive, bright orange traffic barrels are the most visible symbols of an urgent and emotional debate over whose rights should have priority in Brooklyn’s largest park: pedestrians’ or cyclists’? The barrels, which appeared suddenly last Monday, are part of an effort by park officials to slow down bicycle riders, by narrowing the roadway at the bottom of a hill on West Drive, near a main intersection.”

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