Thursday, August 25, 2011

Why Do Pols and Lobbyist Steal From Member Items Funds?

Because They Can Get Away With It!

After a 4 year investigation DOI and federal investigators have yet to take action on the city council slush fund scandal. Can you imagine what councilmembers fell they can get away with. We are still paying for lawyers to protect them from investigators for all of them (Except recent elected) including David Weprin who is running for congress. DOI which could not find anything wrong with the Citytime contract until the feds arrested 6 of NYC consultants has not after 4 years been able to find out who controlled the city council slush fund. The city's DA's elected by the same county organizations as the council members have also not been able to find out which pols were looting the slush fund. The Court of Appeals who quickly ruled on how to grade teacher has not been able to rule on Normal Siegel lawsuit to get to the bottom of who in the council controlled and benefited from the the slush fund. * DOI: Cover Up(True News) * What Ever Happen to the City Council Slush Fund Investigation?(True News)

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