Sunday, August 7, 2011

True News Sunday Update; Hugh Carey has Died

Sunday, August 7, 2011

Former Gov Hugh Carey has died at 92
Turned NYC around from bankruptcy in the 1970's * RIP Hugh Carey(TU) * Cuomo, Tip O'Neill and Molloy's legacy(BU) * Former New York Governor Hugh Carey Dies(Newsday) * Former NY governor Hugh Carey dead at 92(NYP) * Hugh Carey, 51st Governor Of New York, Dead At 92 (NY1) * Remembering Carey: “Now the times of plenty, the days of wine and roses, are over.” [Joseph Spector / Poughkeepsie Journal] * Remembering Carey: Slide show. [Democrat and Chronicle] * Downgrade Illustrates Washington's Dysfunction (NPR) * New York’s 1970s ‘saviour’ Carey dies -

The Man Who Saved New York
Carey campaigned successfully for merit selection of top state judges, and the well-known "I Love New York" campaign started during his years in office. He opposed capital punishment and six times vetoed bills restoring the death penalty. A staunch Roman Catholic, Carey personally opposed abortion but nonetheless led the fight for Medicaid funding so poor women wouldn't be denied access to abortions. Years later, he voiced regret over that role. Before he became governor, Carey spent 14 years in Congress representing his Brooklyn district. Now-Sen. Charles Schumer took up his seat when Carey left
First I Love NY Commercial from Carey's Dept of Commerce

"The Days of Wine & Roses R Over" Hugh Carey 1975

Gov. Hugh Carey, who bailed out New York City during troubled 1970s, dead at 9

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