Tuesday, July 12, 2011

What Would Jesus Do About The Deficit?

Here is veteran Rep. Charlie Rangel on Fox Business, discussing his recent references to Jesus Christ in terms of national politics: "As far as the Jesus thing is concerned, I am 81 years old. If you think when I get up there with St. Peter and I find out there are different cards and Jesus doesn't count as much as I thought, I am not playing the Jesus card. It's a moral issue, I don't care what religion you have, you can't just put the rich and the poor. Why is everyone believing that Jesus is a liberal democrat? If the politicians are locked into 2012, then who are the people that are gonna be affected? The wealthy. Why don't we hear from them? We hear from the Tea Party and the Republicans. Warren Buffet said this is ridiculous and no one in the wealthy community has challenged him. We haven't heard from the religious leaders, but now Sunday is over, Saturday is over and the Sabbath of Friday is over. And, yes there's economics involved in this too. The small businesses should welcome that. No one has asked about corporations who as a result of a $787 billion that was given to them, or loaned to them and now they've recovered. I don't care what it is; they are now making trillions of dollars and they're not on the brink of disaster."

My new DC Bureau colleague, Joseph Straw, tipped me off to this after a Friday press conference. He also pointed me to a transcript of that presser from the Federal News Service, which I run in full below for your reading interest...

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