Friday, July 8, 2011

New York's Soviet Style Elections

Stalin Only Candidate in 1937 Soviet Union Election
By Gary Tilzer

Today's NYP hit the nail on the head on calling NY's election system corrupt and undemocratic. The editorial blasted the dictatorial powers of county leaders to control ballot access not only in the special elections which are going on this year but in all elections. They also took a shot at Cuomo for calling the special elections during the July 4 weekend which made it harder for a none county leader back candidate to collect 3500 by July 11, let alone survive challenges by party election lawyers steeped in the arcane regulations that are meant precisely to keep insurgents off the ballot. The NYP said NY has the nation's most restrictive ballot-access laws -- permitting entrenched political power-brokers to annoint their favorites and bar anti-organization challengers.
No reform here(NYP) * The DN also pans Weprin for being selected by the “bosses” and not the “people.”

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