Monday, April 11, 2011


By Bob Hennelly 

Throughout his political career, President Obama has been a
master of "real-time
delivery" when it comes to leadership.
No point in being out ahead and taking
the heat. It will just
make you sweat. Wait for everybody else to take a whack
at it, see how that goes, clear your throat, and float in above
the fray.

Later this week, more than halfway through his first term,
President Obama is
going to put forward his vision for
how we handle the long-term debt test.
Everybody else has
turned in their exam, so the calibration should be a snap.

For the first part of his term, he sub-contracted out work
on this national
challenge to the U.S. Deficit Commission.
They did their work and took the lumps
for their findings.

This helped buy time for the president to celebrate his inner
Republican. He did
not have to put anything at risk AND
appeared to be doing something at the same

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